Wednesday 15th October 2015

I keep remembering a moment when I was in Aberdeen with ~~~~~~. We were both drunk at his flat party and I really needed to pee, so I got up from my seat. As I walked past ~~~~ he grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto his lap and kissed me. I remember this because in that one moment he forgot about everyone else and he was completely mine. I remember little moments like that. It’s the little moments that make things better, not the large ones.

If you’re at a funeral, it’s not the hundreds of condolences that make you feel any better. It’s that one thing, that that one person said about your loved one that sticks in your mind. That small insight into their lives.

It’s not the large everyday life of being with someone that makes you love them. It’s the little moments. It’s the spontaneous kisses and the perfect look in their eyes and that time when they made you laugh so hard you cried. I think that’s why people celebrate ‘firsts’ so much. I know I do. Because the first time you kiss someone, or the first time you wake up next to them, are the little moments that never leave you.

Jennifer Ritchie
Aged 16


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