T0-do list

I first wrote this list when I was 14-years-old. It’s a list of everything I want to do and hope to be. From the trivial to the romantic to the motivational.

  1. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve
  2. Dance with my dad at my wedding
  3. Live to see cancer cured
  4. Live in New York
  5. Go on a camping trip with friends
  6. Cover my bedroom wall with pictures
  7. Live near a beach
  8. Jump off a small waterfall
  9. Ride a red London bus
  10. Float paper lanterns
  11. Sneak out to be with friends
  12. Kiss in the rain
  13. Kiss under fireworks
  14. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  15. Donate blood
  16. Get high
  17. Build a tree house
  18. Attend or throw a masquerade party
  19. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  20. Learn how to drive
  21. Get drunk
  22. Go to a major athletics event (whether competing or spectating)
  23. Stay up late enough to watch the sun set and rise again
  24. Go to university – GO  RGU!
  25. Learn to play poker
  26. Pet a llama
  27. Be kissed unexpectantly
  28. Go on a date
  29. Have a last ‘first kiss’
  30. Catch a guitar pick at a concert
  31. Get my braces off
  32. Have sex
  33. Make love
  34. Live past 21/12/12
  35. Backpack through Europe (Interrailing)
  36. Stand half in the Northern hemisphere and half in the Southern hemisphere
  37. Let my hair grow long
  38. Learn how to skate backwards
  39. Put mentos in coke
  40. Camp at a festival
  41. Eat Belgian waffles in Belguim
  42. Stop being ‘just friends’
  43. Fall in love with my best friend
  44.  Write a song
  45. Sleep under the stars
  46. Watch a meteor shower
  47. Crash a party
  48. Make cookies from scratch
  49. Fly first class
  50. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix
  51. Fall asleep with someone I love
  52. Buy and around then world ticket
  53. Share a flat with someone
  54. Learn to sing and play guitar at the same time
  55. Bump into an ex years in the future
  56. Ride a Vespa in Europe
  57. Live in America
  58. Watch every episode of Friends in order
  59. Make a perfect patch of multi-coloured, multi-flavoured macarons
  60. Go away for the weekend with someone last minute, just for the hell of it
  61. Sit on the roof of my childhood home and watch the sun set over the Firth of Forth
  62. Roadtrip somewhere
  63. Live in Glasgow
  64. Try Marmite
  65. Kiss a girl
  66. Do everything on this list
  67. Visit everywhere on my to see list

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